Dr Stutte, Food Hero

I am Dr. Stutte

  • I am a horticulturist, plant scientist and space biologist
  • I am consultant, speaker, writer and business owner
  • I use technology developed to grow plants in space to feed people on Earth.
  • I provide advice and consultation on growing plants in space.
  • I am passionate about finding solutions to feed the world’s growing population, and I believe that space agriculture is a key part of the solution.

Work With Me

  • I am president and founder of SyNRGE, LLC, a research and development company that provides consulting on controlled environment agriculture on earth and in space.
  • I keep entrepreneurs from making costly mistakes of omission and commission in the design and construction of hydroponic greenhouses and indoor farms.
  • I improve growers’ profitability by developing creative solutions to problems that affect crop productivity.
  • I conduct research in space to improve life on Earth.

My Journey

My journey with SyNRGE, LLC began with its founding in 2015, following a long career at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, and commissioning my own spaceflight hardware to perform experiments on the ISS.

It now includes consulting services to researchers, growers, and entrepreneurs that implementing technologies from space to ensure year-round production of food anywhere on the planet…(in the universe for that matter!)

It encompasses partnerships with universities on design, testing, and implementation of cutting-edge technologies for growing plants in space and producing food and medicine on Earth.

It embraces advising universities, government agencies, and private foundations on how to inspire students and invest resources.

It involves educating people globally (over a dozen countries to date) on the growing of plants in space and feeding people on Earth.


Dr. Gary Stutte is President and Founder of SyNRGE, LLC. SyNRGE is an R&D company that provides consulting and advising services related to space agriculture and commercial controlled environment agriculture to academic, government and industry clients.

Dr. Stutte managed NASA’s flight and ground-based plant research at John F. Kennedy Space to develop safe, sustainable food production systems for long duration space missions to Moon, Mars and Beyond for 25 years. Dr. Stutte is principal investigator on four space flight experiments, publishes widely on effects of growth conditions crops grown hydroponically in greenhouses and closed environments, and serves in senior executive roles for national and international professional organizations.

Dr. Stutte is actively engaged in developing ground-based applications for space technology in biosciences, protected agriculture, and vertical farms. This includes the development of LED lighting systems for crop production, production of high value products in closed environments, and crop selection and design of CEA facilities. Dr Stutte has published over 150 scientific articles in areas of plant nutrition, space biology, LED lighting, and controlled environment agriculture.

Dr. Stutte has received numerous honours and awards, including NASA’s Space Flight Awareness Award, The American Society of Horticultural Science’s Outstanding Industry Horticulturalist Award, and the Foundation for Development of Controlled Environment Agriculture’s Master of Innovation Award. His work is often featured in newspaper and TV reports, and his work highlighted in documentaries with worldwide distribution.

Dr. Stutte is a founding member and Executive Director (Interim) of CEADS (Controlled Environment Agriculture Design Standards) and has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the USDA Committee for Controlled Environment TechnologyAmerican Society for Horticulture Sciences, Controlled Environment Working Group and the Plant Growth Regulation Society of America. Dr. Stutte is a founding member of the the American Council for Medicinally Active Plants and served its executive director for nine years.

Dr. Stutte serves on advisory board to United States Department of Agriculture’s Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research’s Urban Food SystemInter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA): Panama’s initiative for vertical farming, and Senior Science advisor to companies growing high value crops using indoor agriculture and vertical farming.

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